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By J.J. Jackson posted August 31, 2016

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By Tony Martino posted August 25, 2016

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The Passion for Cooking Perfect, Consistent Basmati Rice!

By Gary Wycoff posted August 16, 2016

I get the opportunity to travel to several western states and work with our customers and see how they use CVap. The item that seems to be moving to the center of the plate is rice.  Rice continues to be the topic of discussion here in the states and in many other cultures it has […]

Runnin’ Down a Dream

By J.J. Jackson posted August 1, 2016

The Florida School Nutrition State Conference in Daytona Beach I know, I know- a little bit much to start with. That’s me and my pal, Mike Burke. Mike and I are two of the very few fortunate people who are in the food service equipment industry that work as ambassadors to School Nutrition. Actually, he’s […]

CVap Baby Back Ribs!

By Corey Ainsworth posted July 26, 2016

Summer is by far my favorite time of year. It is an escape from winter. The sun is out, the birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming.  Millions upon millions of people leave their dens of hibernation for the great outdoors. But to me, there are three things that truly signal the beginning of spring:  baseball, beer, […]

All You Need is Love & a Moonpie

By J.J. Jackson posted July 21, 2016

The Georgia School Nutrition State Conference in Savannah Rolling into the river district in one of the nations most visited areas; this sign at Savannah Georgia’s Thunderbird motel catches everyone’s eye and is stored in their memory. And while it was great opening conversation, it was the conversation at the conference that really showed off […]

CVap Ribs Smoked on a Green Egg

By Angie Kirby posted July 11, 2016

 How do you like your ribs? Fall off the bone? Texture with a bite? Smoke or no smoke? Baby back or St. Louis Style? Dry rub? Saucey? Grilled, baked, boiled – don’t even go there! Oh My!  Between the questions and the debate almost everyone has an opinion on how they like their ribs. Here […]

A Footprint Dilemma – Utilizing Versatility in Today’s Modern Kitchens

By Chad Lunsford posted July 8, 2016

In this post I want to bring to light one of the current dilemmas many of us are facing in our kitchens today. Although the list of equipment offerings and technologies continues to grow, we see more and more specialized equipment designed for a specific job. Whether we are baking, steaming, braising, boiling, poaching, roasting, grilling, staging, frying or […]

Smokerless Ribs & CVap!

By Tony Martino posted July 5, 2016

It shouldn’t be a surprise that BBQ is very hot right now! I know not everyone has a smoker in their kitchen, but I follow two websites pretty closely for great information about BBQ and food techniques.  The best resource for BBQ that I have ever found is Amazing Ribs and for technique, especially sous vide, […]

It Takes Support

By J.J. Jackson posted June 23, 2016

Working with State and National School Nutrition Associations The School Nutrition State Conference schedule started in March. Alabama and Oregon were the first to kick off their events from March 11-12. I’m fortunate enough to serve on both the Executive Board and the Exhibit or Expo Board in Alabama as an Industry member. I also serve […]

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