It Takes Support

By J.J. Jackson posted June 23, 2016

Working with State and National School Nutrition Associations The School Nutrition State Conference schedule started in March. Alabama and Oregon were the first to kick off their events from March 11-12. I’m fortunate enough to serve on both the Executive Board and the Exhibit or Expo Board in Alabama as an Industry member. I also serve […]

The Rise of School Lunch’s Delicious Diversity

By J.J. Jackson posted May 2, 2016

I have the pleasure of being Winston Industries’ School Nutrition Guru, so I get to travel the U.S. and see and talk to School Nutrition departments of all kinds. Many are similar in structure, but really the personality of each district is based on those people who serve and are served by it. It naturally […]

It’s All in the Proof! CVap® Focaccia

By Spencer Cole posted April 12, 2016

Focaccia bread (Italian pronunciation: [foˈkattʃa]) is one of the most versatile breads baked today. Not only can the bread be baked either thick or thin, the endless array of toppings to choose from compounds flavors in a complex yet delightful way. Most people think of Focaccia as the free basket of bread provided before the meal at […]

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Perfect Fried Rice Made Food Safe!

By Angie Kirby posted March 24, 2016

According to some in the restaurant business, the traditional method for cooking the perfect fried rice is to cook the rice, chill it in a walk-in cooler overnight, and then stir fry cold rice the next day. This method, however, does create an opportunity for bacteria growth. The USDA has established that bacteria which can […]

Serving Up Delicious Street Tacos for School Lunch!

By J.J. Jackson posted March 9, 2016

When you were a kid in school you probably didn’t give much thought to learning about your future career from lunch ladies-which by the way now includes lunch men and even chefs! And I’d be willing to bet that your school district didn’t have a culinary program either. Times have changed! This is Culinary Specialist […]

CVap Staging in Ukraine

By Donald Schaper posted February 29, 2016

On a recent business trip to Ukraine, we were able to see some beautiful architecture, absorb some of the amazing history and experience the humbling real-life revolution that is currently in full swing in the middle of Kiev (and the rest of the country). Spencer Cole, a Winston Global Accounts Manager, had the opportunity to […]

CVap® Sweets for Valentine Treats

By Barry Yates posted February 14, 2016

For chocolate lovers, Valentine’s Day conjures images of heart-shaped boxes filled with delicious confections. I love chocolate as much as the next guy, and it got me thinking: can we temper chocolate in CVap? What a fun experiment to play with! I was thinking of a concept combining chocolate and maybe some fruit to create […]

Unique to Georgia is their School Nutrition Association’s Equipment Academy

By J.J. Jackson posted January 29, 2016

As a School Nutrition Guru, it’s really important for me to stay on top of the trends, standards, and challenges that affect school foodservice professionals everywhere, and the Georgia School Nutrition Association’s Equipment Academy is one of my GO-TO sources! Unique to Georgia, the Equipment Academy takes place in Perry, GA, during non-NAFEM years. NAFEM […]

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A Culinary Three-Peat

By Bill Wright posted January 18, 2016

When I’m home, I do most of the cooking. I can’t say I’m a great cook but I am much better than my wife (Shhh, Don’t tell her I said that). My Maple Glazed Pork Chops and “Made from Scratch” Wild Blackberry Pies are our favorites, but that’s not really what this blog is about. […]

Bringing Cuba to the Table: Embracing the Flavors of the Cuban Sandwich

By Spencer Cole posted December 16, 2015

The Cuban sandwich has made its way onto menus across the country and was in fact iconicized in Florida with its origins stemming from the Cuban culture. Here is a simple version with some additional ingredients. I have added herbs to the marinade, which is completely optional. Often when you order a Cuban sandwich, the […]

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