Winston CVap Culinary Contest

By Barry Yates posted February 22, 2013

This week we hosted our first CVap Culinary Contest in the Winston Idea and Innovation Center (WIIC), with participants from some highly regarded eateries in St. Louis, MO. Read on to see the ingredients and photos of the dishes, meet the contestants, and find out who won bragging rights! It was truly an amazing display […]

CVap Burger Masters

By Barry Yates posted December 9, 2011

Seems like everywhere you turn today you’ll see a new burger concept or new burger on the menu of an existing concept.  No wonder hamburgers are America’s favorite sandwich. There are even entire blogs or websites devoted to our country’s  most esteemed sandwich. Two of our favorites are A Hamburger Today  on Serious Eats  and […]

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Edward Lee

By Barry Yates posted October 17, 2011

From literary graduate to “Iron Chef ” victor may seem like an unlikely journey.  Not for Edward Lee! Chef Lee  makes food that others won’t. This “out of the box” thinking is what has led to his success in both the culinary and business world. His unique approach to the hospitality industry also led us […]

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Meet – Dean Corbett

By Barry Yates posted August 18, 2011

Hey everybody just wanted to let you know that we have added a new section to the CVap Discoveries. If you want to discover great chefs,  great food or places using CVap check it out. CVap Discoveries, Meet and Eat section will be highlighting chefs or restaurants that use CVap. If you want to be […]

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